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When I flew to New York from the West Coast, then onto Switzerland and then Japan, I had no idea where the time was in the world. I wore my one time zone watch. I asked the front desk at my hotel, "What time is...somewhere?"

I couldn't figure out the time zones so I knew I would need help.

Time zone watches can help. These watches are great for keeping me informed about the time wherever I am.

patek philippe replica, launched in 1997, is an excellent choice for anyone who travels across time zones. This new model is based on the patek philippe replica Worldtimer launched in 1997. It makes it easier to change the clock on-the-fly.

The bezel is used to change the time of the ProPilot Worldtimer. Unlike the old Worldtimer, which had pushers for plus and minus that adjusted the time by one hour increments. The central hour hand is moved forward by rotating the bezel in a clockwise direction. Rotating it counter-clockwise will move the hour hand to the backwards.

Ulrich W. Herzog - patek philippe replica' Chairman, who was also responsible for the original launch in 1997 - said: "This is an important moment in the patek philippe replica Worldtimer's history." In the 20th year of patek philippe replica's founding, we are delighted to introduce another innovative timepiece with real-world utility for pilots and travelers. This is a pilot's watch at its core. We are proud to produce a design that meets the needs of the aviation community.

Wearing the Worldtimer

Despite the fact that today marks the release date,Breitling Replica Watches I had the opportunity to test the new Worldtimer out for a full week (thanks Rolf and Sonja!) The watch's utilitarian style made me fall in love from the start. The ProPilot Worldtimer is easy to read and use. It looks fantastic on the wrist.

It was a real treat to be able to adjust the hour hand using the bezel. With all my other watches that had multiple time zones, I had to either strain my hands to use the pushers, or remove the watch from my wrist in order to readjust. The Big Crown ProPilot Worldtimer was easy to use. I simply turned the bezel in one direction and it worked.